Game of STEAM: Smart Robots

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Enjoy this fast-paced party game with up to 8 people and 1 robot. The robot programmed to play this game is called Steamroller. See how many robots related questions you can answer correctly. Don't worry if you know nothing about the subject of robots. There are ways to win this game by hacking Steamroller and win the game. This is a trivia game with a twist where you can hack Steamroller and steal its victory points and win the game at the end. Push your luck and see how far you can go. Have fun with your friends and learn something about robots while playing this game.


Game of STEAM: Smart Robots is a fast paced trivia game that can be played by 1 to 8 players. Test your knowledge in robots with over 500 questions. But here's the secret. You don't actually need to know all the correct answers and still be able to win by "hacking" the game. We'll show you how to do that the hacker way.

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