Spin Matcher: Mesmerizing Marine Life

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Do you see the narwhal with a long tusk like a unicorn? Do you remember whale sharks have tiny teeth from reading the mind map? Even if you know nothing about marine animals, you can still enjoy this game! With a bit a luck on the spinner, collect and arrange matching tiles. Get enough tiles with certain matching animals to win the “Icon Matching” game. Or play the “Race to 100” game by collecting tiles with numbers that add up to 100.

Spin Matcher - Mesmerizing Marine Life is a fast-paced STEAM memory game. Players test their memory and strategy with a spin of luck.  Each game can be played between 15 and 30 minutes. This game will last for years!

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We based the game on a creative visual thinking tool called mind maps. It's a technique to help your mind draw vivid connections between topics and sub-topics, images, special features and concepts.

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