Power Mind Mappers - 5 Alphabets Mobile Game

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Power Mind Mappers - 5 Alphabets is a free-to-play word puzzle mobile phone game. In the game, players complete levels by spelling the secret 5-letter word which has been scrambled. To make the game a bit more challenging, there is a countdown timer that can get on to your nerves. You have only 15 seconds to figure out each 5-letter word. Some on-line features may require in-app purchases.

Play On-line

Play against other on-line players and try to get into the Top 25 scoreboard. Jump in for a fast-paced random on-line match to test your rapid word building skills.

This mobile app is currently released as an android .apk file. Please click the DOWNLOAD LINK here from your Android Mobile Phone and then install it accordingly.


We based the game on a creative visual thinking tool called mind maps. It's a technique to help your mind draw vivid connections between topics and sub-topics, images, special features and concepts.

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