Spin Matcher is a family of fast-paced 4-in-1 memory games that challenge the players’ memory with a twist of luck. These games are based on the creative visual thinking tool called the mind map. To keep these games fun and fast-paced, we created mind maps in their simplest form, so each game is easy to understand and fun to play. 4 ways to play for different skill levels. Can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 players, ages 5 to adult. It only takes is 2 minutes to setup, and an average game takes about 15 minutes to play.



Power Mind Maps


We based the game on a creative visual thinking tool called the mind map. It's a method to help your mind draw vivid connections between topics and sub-topics, images, special characteristics and concepts.


Spin Matcher Power Mind Map Cards


The simplified mind map diagrams unique to Spin Matcher are designed to help kids in visualizing how different pieces of information are associated to the main topic image in the center of each card. As you play, your brain is challenged to memorize new information in a short amount of time and to mentally access that same information in the right context at a later time. 



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